AVID Fundraiser a Great Success

35 Students to Visit UC Davis

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation hosted a fundraiser on October 19th DSC_0324at Oswald’s. The event provided an opportunity for AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) supporters to gather with students and teachers to learn about how AVID is changing the lives of our youth. AVID is an academic program serving diverse students in five of Santa Cruz City Schools’ comprehensive middle and high schools.  The majority of students are first in their family to consider going to college. Last year 100% of AVID Seniors  graduated from  High School and 87% were accepted to four-year colleges.

Three students participating in AVID talked about their experience in AVID and shared how the support of teachers and fellow students has helped them learn the skills to succeed. The funds raised at the event will allow middle and high school students to visit college campuses with their classmates and teachers.

The event was sponsored by the Santa Cruz Rotary. Additionally, Santa Cruz Education Foundation Board member Cynthia Hawthorne announced a $10,000 donation to the AVID program for student field trips from community member Reed Hastings. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Hastings, students will travel together by bus to visit the University of California (UC) at Davis and Sacramento State University this month. Additional field trips will be scheduled throughout the spring to help AVID students experience life on a college campus. Future trips will include Stanford, UC San Francisco, Santa Clara, and possibly UC Los Angeles and University of Southern California (USC).

A special thank you from the Ed Foundation to Oswald chef Damani Thomas.

Donate to help support the AVID program today!

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Education Foundation Hosts Parent Leader Mixer

Meet & Greet Provides Opportunity to Meet Face to Face

On October 22nd, 2015, the Santa Cruz Education Foundation hosted a school parent leader mixer.  Eight schools were represented along with the entire board of the Education Foundation.  The meet and greet was held to give parent leaders a chance to network with each other, to allow the Foundation to talk about its mission and work, and also to help the Education Foundation formulate its annual goals in regard to advocacy and fundraising.

Santa Cruz Education Foundation’s Annual Backpack Appeal

Thank you to those who have already contributed!

A reminder about the work we do and how you can help!

This year, at the first of the school year, your family should have received a letter home from us with your child in his/her backpack (at the Ed Foundation, we call this the “backpack appeal”).

sticky-note-thank-you-thumbThank you to those of you who saw the letter and took the opportunity to contribute! And if you saw the letter and meant to contribute, we’re hoping you’ll find this online reminder convenient.  There is so much information that comes home with our kids at the beginning of the year, so many pieces of paper, that we know it’s easy to have some get lost in the shuffle.  And, finally, if this if the first time you are hearing of the appeal, we’d love for you to read further–you’ll get a flavor for our organization, including what we do, who we serve, and best of all, how you can help!


Dear Families and Friends of Santa Cruz City Schools,

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation is here to help. We believe that every child should have a great neighborhood school. That’s why in the last decade we have raised over $1 million dollars from our community to support treasured programs in our schools.

Your contributions to the Santa Cruz Education Foundation help us ensure that each of our schools is a vibrant place for learning. We focus on programs that reach across the district with benefits for all 7,000 students, in kindergarten through high school. Your donation supports the following individual schools; Bay View Elementary, DeLaveaga Elementary, Gault Elementary, Westlake Elementary, Branciforte Middle School, Mission Hill Middle School, Harbor High School, Santa Cruz High School, Soquel High School, Branciforte Small Schools Campus, Delta Charter School.  Here’s how your donations helped students last year:

  • Helped ensure that every 5th grade child attended Outdoor Science School, providing the opportunity to spend 4 days experiencing hands-on science;
  • Fully-funded after-school Arts Academy classes for both Middle Schools;
  • Provided funding to purchase new books and needed supplies for high school and middle school libraries;
  • Helped provide access to the highly successful academic AVID program to prepare and support underrepresented students for college—100% of AVID seniors graduate and 87% of AVID students are accepted to four-year colleges;
  • Provided funding to ensure all four elementary schools participate in Playworks, which increases students’ physical activity during the school day, promotes positive, inclusive play and teaches effective conflict resolution.

The Foundation also supports your schools through advocacy and outreach. We share the stories of our schools in the press and The Eddy: Currents in Santa Cruz Education, reaching over 10,000 subscribers, and we honor teachers and volunteers every year at the Eddy Awards.

Together, we can give our students a great public education. For your convenience, you may also donate online here. Our website is also a great place to learn more about the Santa Cruz Education Foundation and stay connected. While you’re there, be sure to sign up for The Eddy!

With your (fully tax-deductible) contribution to the Santa Cruz Education Foundation, you will support this work and help us do even more for your child. Thank you for supporting great neighborhood schools!

With gratitude,

lacie gray signature

Lacie Gray, President

Our organization has been recognized as exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contribution (IRS tax ID no. 20-023916)


Estimadas Familias y Amigos de las Escuelas Públicas de Santa Cruz,

La Fundación de Educación de Santa Cruz esta aquí para ayudar. Nosotros creemos que cada alumno merece una escuela local de alta calidad.  Por esta razón en los últimos diez años hemos recaudado por nuestra comunidad más de $1 millón de dólares para apoyar programas valoradas en nuestras escuelas.

Sus contribuciones a La Fundación de Educación de Santa Cruz ayudan a asegurar que cada una de nuestras escuelas es un lugar vibrante para aprender. Nosotros nos enfocamos en programas que incluyen alumnos de todo el distrito con beneficio a los 7,000 alumnos de Kindergarten hasta High School preparatoria. Su donación apoya a las siguientes escuelas individuales: Bay View Elementary, DeLaveaga Elementary, Gault Elementary, Westlake Elementary, Branciforte Middle School, Mission Hill Middle School, Harbor High School, Santa Cruz High School, Soquel High School, Branciforte Small Schools Campus, Delta Charter School.  Sus donaciones ayudaron a nuestros alumnos el año pasado en las siguientes maneras:

  • Ayudaron a asegurar la participaciión de cada alumno de 5º en el Campo de Ciencias (Outdoor Science School), proveyendo la oportunidad de pasar 4 días participando en ciencias en vivo;
  • Totalmente Financiaron la Academia de Artes para las dos escuelas secundarias;
  • Proveyeron fondos para comprar nuevos libros y otras materias necesarias para las bibliotecas de las preparatorias y secundarias;
  • Ayudaron a proveer acceso al exitoso programa académico de AVID para preparar y apoyar alumnos subrepresentados para estudios universitarios – 100% de nuestros alumnos de AVID se graduan de High School y 87% son aceptados a universidades de 4 años;
  • Proveyeron fondos para asegurar que las cuatro escuelas primarias participaran en Playworks, que aumenta las actividades físicas durante el día escolar, promueve juego inclusivo y positivo y enseña resolución de conflictos.

La Fundación tambien apoya a nuestras escuelas por medio de promover programas y conectar la comunidad con las escuelas.  Compartimos las historias de nuestras escuelas por la prensa y tambien en The Eddy: Corrientes de la Educación en Santa Cruz, una noticia electrónica con más de 10,000 suscriptores, y honramos a los maestros y voluntarios cada año con los Premio Eddy.

Juntos, podemos ofrecer a nuestros alumnos una gran educación pública.  Para su conveniencia, pueden donar en aqui. Nuestro sitio web es un buen lugar para aprender más sobre La Fundación y mantenerse comunicado al inscribirse a las noticias The Eddy!

Por su contribución (completamente deducible de impuestos) a Santa Cruz Education Foundation, usted podrá apoyar este trabajo y ayudarnos a lograr hasta más para sus hijos.  Gracias por apoyar excelentes escuelas locales!

Con Aprecio,

lacie gray signature

Lacie Gray, Presidente

Our organization has been recognized as exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contribution (IRS tax ID no. 20-023916)

Ed Foundation Brings Kidpower to Elementary Schools

Donations Requested to Offset Costs of Safety Workshops

This month, the Santa Cruz Education Foundation announced a $2,000 grant to the nonprofit Kidpower to provide free safety skills workshops for families at each of the elementary schools in the Santa Cruz City Schools District. Kidpower teaches child protection and personal safety skills to parents and their children to prevent bullying and abuse. These workshops cover topics such as stranger safety, confidence skills, boundary setting skills, positive peer communication, bullying prevention and de-escalation skills to stop a fight before it gets physical.

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation recognized that after the tragic events of this summer, parents sought ways to feel more empowered about their kids safety and to come together as a community to heal. Kidpower’s programs provide a very positive way to turn the fear of what might happen into skills that can help our children every day.  The funding will provide support to hold at least one workshop at each elementary school.

However, we need the help of the community to leverage this commitment.  With more than 600 kids at some of our elementary schools, one workshop will not cover the needs to our families.  Over the past few weeks, Kidpower immediately held many free workshops with parents and their children throughout Santa Cruz County, but even with that response, waiting lists for workshops continued to exceed over 100 families. The Santa Cruz Education Foundation hopes that individuals and businesses will contribute towards this effort in order to ensure that every family at every elementary school in the district has access to these workshops for free.  Although there are self defense classes in our local middle schools and high schools, there are currently no safety workshops offered at the elementary school level.

To donate to bring free Kidpower workshops to Santa Cruz City Elementary Schools, please follow this link.  100% of the donations will directly fund additional workshops to meet the surging need and every contribution is tax deductible.

The Education Foundation has a long history of bringing safety training to Santa Cruz City Schools.  According to Bill Maxfield, former member of the Santa Cruz Education Foundation, “As a former member of the Santa Cruz Education Foundation board, I’m so proud they’ve made this donation. It’s in the Foundation’s long-standing tradition of supporting safety for kids. Nine years ago, in response to fear in the community following a string of predator-related threats to Mission Hill and Santa Cruz High School students, the Foundation funded and pitched to Santa Cruz City Schools a program that called for a partnership with the City of Santa Cruz and the Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women to provide self-defense safety training for all district middle school students. The idea worked and was extended to SCCS high schools. After being incubated by the Ed Foundation for several years, the district picked up funding for the program. Nine years later, thousands of students have been trained and now the commitment has gone to the next level with Kidpower. Bravo!”

Ed Foundation Seeking Board Members

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation (SCEF) is excited to announce that it is actively recruiting new Board members. We would love to add more diversity to our Board and represent all schools in the District. All welcome to apply.

We are an all-volunteer board that supports the 7,000 students and 12 campuses of Santa Cruz City Schools through advocacy, outreach and fundraising. We believe that every child deserves an excellent neighborhood school.

Our Mission: The Santa Cruz Education Foundation is a community organization promoting excellence in Santa Cruz City Schools by developing and enhancing programs so that all students can realize their full potential.

We are a grass roots organization seeking individuals with a passion for education and equity with a few hours each week to work on any of the following:

  • School & Community Outreach, Events & Partnerships
  • Fundraising
  • Writing and Editing for the Eddy Newsletter
  • Advocacy
  • Administrative Tasks

If you are interested, please complete the Ed Foundation’s short application (or in MS Word) and email it to the President, Lacie Gray, at lacie@sceducation.org. For more information on our organization, please see our website: www.sceducation.org.