A community gathers to make their school a more beautiful place

Following school closures that happened in 2004, modular classrooms became a permanent and more prominent fixture at our elementary school campuses. To accommodate additional students arriving from tree.jpgBranciforte and Natural Bridges, grass fields shrank and were replaced by asphalt, ramps and “portables.” Not content to accept what could be a bleak environment for their kids, a group of Bay View parents, funded solely by the Bay View Home & School Club, came together to create an inviting and inspiring space.

The Home and School Club contracted former Bay View parent Lynn Guenther to paint a series of murals on the walls of the modular buildings. Taking inspiration from our local environment and native species, Guenther created inviting scenes that educate and celebrate our local resources.

“Each of the murals represents a local park – Wilder Ranch, Natural Bridges Beach, Nearylynn2.jpg Lagoon, the Lighthouse and Henry Cowell State Park. They also include native animals and plants,” said Lynn.

Guenther’s daughter, Nina, now a 7th grader at Mission Hill, contributed a basking otter to the lighthouse painting. The new murals join two larger works created by previous 4th grade classes.

In addition to the paintings, volunteers built tables and benches of recycled plastic. Large beds built by Joel Boisvert, are now planted with natives and climbers. Shade trees also add a welcome element to the courtyard.

The project was designed by Lindy Boisvert. Volunteers who dug, planted, assembled and laid out irrigation bench2.jpginclude Nancy, Amelia, Brad and Grant Jackson; Gabe, Isaiah, Mykell and Michael Discipulo; Barbara, Miles, Owen and Greg Shapleigh; Sam and Ellis Boisvert; Ernie McCoy; Tina Brown; Bay View Principal Dan Cavanaugh; Amy Spiers; Jennifer Curci; Doug Rosener; Janet Swann; and Stu Branoff.

Acknowledgement is due also to Charlie at The Garden Company for expertise and contributions, and Ron Brady at the SCCS District Office for his helpful advice.