Each year the seven-member school board reorganizes, electing officers from among the seven Trustees. In their regular meeting on December 12th, the board elected Cynthia Hawthorne to President and Ken Wagman to Vice President for 2008.  With the district covering all of the City of Santa Cruz, as well as the coastal zone of the County from Davenport nearly to Aptos, the board is comprised of three City of Santa Cruz residents, three out-of-city residents and one member-at-large. Despite the residency requirements, all board members have equal responsibility for all areas of the school district.

Board members are elected to serve 4-year terms. Taking office in November 2006 were Cynthia Hawthorne, Rachel Dewey-Thorsett, Don Maxwell and Wendy Strimling. Elected in 2004, terms for trustees John Collins, Felix Robles and Ken Wagman expire at the end of 2008.