Monterey Peninsula Foundation Grant Targets At-Risk Students at Branciforte and Mission Hill Middle Schools

For the second year in a row the Monterey Peninsula Foundation Youth Fund extends it support to the Santa Cruz Education Foundation for our “Successful Academic Mentoring Program” (SAMP), which targets at-risk middle school students at Branciforte and Mission Hill Middle Schools.
Now in its second year, SAMP is truly making a difference for students at Branciforte and Mission Hill. For students in the program, grades, test scores and hope are up. Without the support and motivation provided through mentoring, these students likely would fall through the cracks.

Our SAMP mentor works closely with counselors, administrators, and teachers to monitor individual student success through detailed metrics that track grades and homework assignments, attendance and individual progress. The mentor assists students in weekly meetings, encouraging dialog about specific struggles they are experiencing, and then creates solutions tailored to that student’s issues. Through the aid of the mentor, students are able to be specific with their struggles—academic or otherwise. Rewards and incentives follow, based on individual needs and interests. Students are showing clear improvements in attendance and academic progress. The program has proven to be an effective intervention tool and the outcomes are encouraging.

We thank the Monterey Peninsula Foundation for recognizing the merits of SAMP and for supporting the program again this year.