bawsi_main_logo.gifBelieving that girls’ athletic programs are under-funded and in need of a higher profile, soccer champion Brandi Chastain helped found the Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative (BAWSI), an organization that supports health, fitness, self image and goal setting for young girls. Gault Elementary students will benefit from a 4-week pilot run of the program this April. Girls in grades 3-5 will meet weekly after school with female athletes from UCSC, trained by BAWSI (they pronounce it “bossy”), to work through five stations of fitness activities. Gault parent leaders Shannon Kelly and Isabelle Tuncer hope to bring the program back next year for two 8-week sessions.

In other health news, Gault was recently recognized by the United Way for their efforts to meet health goals for students. The first Annual Go For Health School Wellness Awards were presented February 6th. Singled out for their efforts to promote nutrition, fitness and overall health were staffers Jessica Curcio and Claudia Riege.