The Santa Cruz City Schools (SCCS) Green Schools Committee (GSC) today released its first annual Green Schools Report outlining the district’s progress over the last year in reducing its carbon footprint and increasing green curriculum.

In the year that has passed since the GSC was created, and based on strong momentum and a spirit of collaboration, members of the Committee are proud to have participated in—and in many cases led—successful efforts to:

  • Create the district’s first-ever Environmental Purchasing Policy (adopted by the Board 4/9/08);
  • Conduct a lighting/energy audit;
  • Complete a 10-campus solar operation agreement;
  • Begin a carbon-footprint audit;
  • Establish a 5th Grade Watershed Education & Water Conservation Program;
  • Recommit the district’s participation in the County’s Waste Free Schools Program;
  • Research ways to strengthen ties between our local organic farming community and our schools;
  • Present the Green Schools Committee’s goals and strategies at the statewide Green Schools Conference;
  • and Join the historic Santa Cruz Climate Action Compact, pledging to reduce green house gas emissions.

“In our experience working with schools, SCCS is at the head of its class during 2007-2008 for adopting a comprehensive and holistic approach, for the breadth and depth of its efforts, and for finding cost-effective ways to achieve health and sustainability goals,” said Deborah Moore, executive director of The Green Schools Initiative, a statewide organization.

Download the full report.