Santa Cruz Education Foundation supports the district’s new Wellness Policy and the collaborative effort to bring healthy food to Santa Cruz City Schools

After decades of serving food that few of us would be willing to eat, let alone serve to our families, our school district is taking steps toward reform of food services. Through the work of the district’s Wellness Committee, a collaborative group of parents, trustees, staff, community members, the Education Foundation and business people, the district will receive a new Wellness Policy and an assessment of food services by a nationally known expert in healthy school food.

On Wednesday, January 28th, both the new Wellness Policy and the completed food services audit will be presented to the School Board and public. Our school leaders are demonstrating remarkable courage and leadership, undertaking a tough self-assessment during challenging times. To sustain the momentum toward change, the district will need support from the community. Parents, students and community members are encouraged to attend the board meeting on January 28th, 6:30 p.m. at the Branciforte Small Schools Campus.

The Wellness Policy (click here to download a draft), establishes the framework for food reform. The policy draws connections between the classroom, curriculum and the drive to promote lifelong healthy food choices and good fitness habits. The policy takes the stand that no child will go hungry while in our schools; that our schools will provide fresh, healthy foods; that nutrition education will be integrated into our curriculum; and that schools will take steps to limit access to unhealthy food and beverages.


The food service assessment will be presented this Wednesday by chefs Beth Collins and Coleen Donnelly of Local Plates, LLC. Also on hand to speak will be chef Ann Cooper, known nationwide for her work reforming meals in Berkeley schools. As a partner with the Wellness Committee, the Education Foundation has reviewed the Executive Summary of the audit (download it here). It presents an unflinching review of the state of our current meal service and outlines both short- and long-term steps necessary to bring fresh, healthy appealing food to our schools.

The Education Foundation supports Santa Cruz City Schools in food service reform. This will be a multi-year, multi-stage endeavor, requiring broad support from our community both in terms of advocacy and funding.  We hope you will join us on Wednesday, January 28th to speak out in support of these initial steps towards healthy food and healthy kids.

SCCS Board of Education Meeting
January 28, 2009, 6:30 p.m. (first item on agenda)
Branciforte Small Schools Campus, 840 N. Branciforte

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