A teen youth empowerment food and health celebration

Wednesday  May 13th, 2009–10 am-12 pm

Hosted by Food, What?!, a project of Life Lab Science Program at the UCSC Farm, the Strawberry Blast uses fun activities and the delicious ripe red organic strawberry to tackle some serious social justice issues.  In concert with the Santa Cruz City School’s “Wellness Committee” (with the mission to revamp food and nutrition district-wide), this event brings local high school teens together to revision school lunch and healthy food in their communities.

Over 200 area high school and middle school students are expected to  descend on the “FoodWhat?!” Farm on the 13th09strawberryblast.crop to consume strawberry blueberry tarts, drink strawberry smoothies, harvest berries and partake in a sack race.

While it’s sure to be hours of fun, there’s a serious message at the heart of the event: healthy, fresh, affordable, real food is a need, not a privilege. Healthy food, real food is essential for teens to develop their potential and gives them a platform to express their voice in their communities. The Strawberry Blast is hosted by the “Food, What?!”ˇ crew in a partnership between Life Lab Science Program, the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems and the Santa Cruz City Schools Green Schools Committee.