As 2009 comes to a close, it is appropriate to take a moment to reflect on the many wonderful things about our schools and the many challenges coming in the new year.  The Santa Cruz education community is resilient and committed to excellence and enrichment and to providing opportunities for all students.

The state budget crisis will have an impact on our schools.  Our generous community has protected key programs like small class sizes, arts, libraries, Life Lab science and counseling through parcel taxes. But to ensure that these programs and more thrive, we must come together to fund our schools.

In a recent action the Santa Cruz City Schools board of trustees trimmed nearly $2 million in areas far from the classroom, like maintenance and the central office.  But there is another $2 million in expenses that must be cut to meet the reduced funding from the state.  Those cuts will come to the classroom.  Unless.  With 7,000 students in our district, if each family gave just $25 each month for each student, we could – acting together – protect our classrooms. For less than $300 per student, we could keep our schools whole for another year.

Will you give to ensure that our students receive the great public education they deserve?