Today is the Day of the Teacher in California.  Take a moment to thank a teacher today!

The California Department of Education offers 10 way you can honor a teacher today and every day:

  1. Send your children to school well rested and ready to learn.
  2. Help your children with their homework at night and check to ensure all assignments are completed.
  3. Volunteer your time.
  4. Parent involvement in your children’s school is vital to the success of your own children as well as the success of the entire school.
  5. Organize donations for classroom supplies. On average, teachers spend $400 of their own money each year on their students. Encourage teachers to develop a wish list for classroom supplies and help organize donations.
  6. Donate new or nearly new books to the school library. Determine what is needed to improve the library and organize contributions to fill that need.
  7. Send a thank you note to a teacher who has made a difference in the life of your child.
  8. Have a party or reception at your children’s school to honor the teachers.
  9. Report to the principal what a great job your child’s teacher is doing.
  10. Just remember to thank them for all they do.