Halliday Lecture: The Search for Other Earths
November 17, 7:00 pm
Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz
Free admission, Seat reservations recommended

This lively and engaging lecture is designed for the general public. It is presented as a part of the Halliday Lecture Series, which promotes public awareness and appreciation for astronomy. Greg Laughlin, professor of Astronomy at UCSC, will take the audience on a guided tour of the bizarre menagerie of planets that have been detected so far. He will show how he and his UCSC colleagues are using the new Automated Planet Finder Telescope at Lick Observatory to push the envelope in locating potentially habitable planets orbit- ing the Sun’s nearest stellar neighbors. Astronomer Greg Laughlin is a leader in the field of extrasolar planet detection, and is also an expert on the long-term fate of the Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, and the Universe. He is coauthor of the well-received popular book The Five Ages of the Universe: Inside the Physics of Eternity.