The Santa Cruz High School PTA Parent Education Series presents Steve Shapiro, CPA and Certified Financial Planner

Paying for College
Wednesday, January 12; 7-8:30 pm
Santa Cruz High School Auditorium
Free Admission

It’s common knowledge that college costs have skyrocketed – University of California fees now run $25,000 to $30,000 per year and many private colleges  charge annual tuition well over $50,000. State colleges fees have also risen. The good news: you might not have to pay full price, and there may be some strategies you can start now to reduce the impact of financing college for your children.
Topics Shapiro will address include:

  1. Financial Aid Basics — who gets the money and who does not (hint: it does not always go to the most needy families.)
  2. The critical importance of choosing a college that is a “good fit” for your student.
  3. 11th hour ideas for managing the costs – even if your student does not receive any financial aid.

This presentation is not just about financial aid. Reducing the impact of college expenses depends on planning ahead and doing your homework. Even high-income families can pay less for college.

This informative meeting is free and open to all community members. Students from all grades (and their parents) will benefit.