Bookshop Santa Cruz Holiday Book Drive delivers for school libraries

Through a growing partnership between the Santa Cruz Education Foundation and Bookshop Santa Cruz, school libraries throughout the district recently received generous donations of books from holiday shoppers.  Our school libraries are a treasured and much used resource; our students’ well-developed love for reading means our books see a lot of use.  Declining budgets crimp the Library Media Teachers’ ability to purchase new titles. So it was with delight that the Santa Cruz Education Foundation worked with Bookshop Santa Cruz to encourage holiday shoppers to add our school libraries to their holiday giving.  Through a special promotion offering a discount to donors, Bookshop Santa Cruz collected dozens of new fiction and non-fiction books for every school in the district.

Foundation members delivered the books to grateful and excited librarians and students:

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Many thanks to the generous members of our community and to Bookshop Santa Cruz for supporting our school libraries!