Garden one of 100 nationwide to receive Youth Garden Funding

4th graders writing about garden

1st graders enjoy the salad they grew

Jane Forbes, Coordinator of the Westlake Elementary School Life Lab garden program will receive $500 from in partnership with Home Depot. In a letter to Forbes, the National Gardening Association praised her program for its “high level of commitment to youth gardening”.  The program was commended for curricular connections that exemplifies a well-planned program that is well-maintained and sustainable. The grant will supply the school garden with tools, an archway and other materials.

In keeping with the grant guidelines, Forbes plans to continue a focus on hunger issues. The coordinated curriculum addresses not only hands-on science, but hunger and nutrition as well.  Students, led by Forbes, will devote the produce from a spring garden bed to the homeless shelter or food kitchen.

Hands-on 5th graders