Santa Cruz City Schools Trustee Ken Wagman thanks the Branciforte team

Thank you for the wonderful celebration of the Branciforte track and field that epitomized what makes this district so great.  Parents spoke about the 6 years of hard work, meetings, “visits” to the school board, and never losing hope.  Todd Tsukushi, a former B40 parent who started work on this over 15 years ago when his kids were there (classes of ’95 and ’97) spoke about never giving up.  Kirby Nichols from the Wharf to Wharf race thanked the committee and the school acknowledged him and other community track and field supporters who stepped in with money at a crucial time.  The B-40 PE teachers spoke about looking forward to a new classroom while Scott Reeves, the architect and John Bramlett, head of SCCS facilities, gave the community a sense of what the new jewel in the area is going to look like and how neighbors’ concerns (drainage, some grass fields, no lights, etc.) were taken into account.  What a great event!  The whole Branciforte Middle School community should be extremely proud of what will be an amazing addition to the school and the neighborhood.

– Ken Wagman