21st Annual Ducky Derby & Carnival
Saturday, April 30, 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Harvey West Park, Friendship Gardens
Free Admission

In March, Omega Nu of Santa Cruz distributed nearly $6,000 to district schools through its Funds for Fundamentals program.  The program was established in 2005 to help teachers defray out-of-pocket expenses for basic classroom supplies.  DeLaveaga and Gault schools were included in this year’s program where 44 teachers and staff members received a total of $5,940.00. Ten schools in the County received $21,300.00 in Omega Nu grants.

Last year 53 Bay View and Westlake teachers and staff received $7,185.00 in Funds for Fundamentals grants.  Over the 7-year life of the program 910 grants totaling $135,165.00 have been given to County schools.  Since 2005,  273 Santa Cruz City elementary and middle school teachers and staff have received $38,700.00 in grants.  In 2012 Omega Nu direct their donations to county middle schools, including Branciforte and Mission Hill.

Omega Nu, a 108-year-old women’s non-profit organization, earns money for the Funds program through two primary fundraisers,  the annual Ducky Derby and Carnival, which is set for April 30, 2011 at Harvey West Park, and the annual rummage sale to be held in the fall.

Learn more about Omega Nu’s charity and scholarship programs here.