California law sets aside the second Wednesday in May as a day for public schools and educational institutions to recognize teachers and teaching professionals. Our teachers shape the lives of California’s children, and the confidence, encouragement and mentoring they provide contribute to the professional success of California’s future workforce.This year, Senators Alan Lowenthal and President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg have jointly authored Senate Resolution 16 honoring the Day of the Teacher.

There are approximately 300,000 public school teachers in California who educate approximately 6.2 million students throughout our K-12 public education system.  Second only to parents, many of us continue to re-connect with a favorite teacher for advice, guidance and encouragement. There are no more important positive influences in our lives. To honor their work, the Senate was expected to adopt SR 16 on the Senate Floor on May 12, 2011.For more information, please see Senator Lowenthal’s fact sheet on the 2011 Day of the Teacher.