Branciforte Middle School
315 Poplar Ave
May 20, 10:30 -2:30

For the past two decades, Branciforte Middle School has been preparing its students for a medieval journey and reenactment into the Byzantine Empire with its annual Spring Byzantine Bazaar.

On May 20, 1011 (2011 in real time), students will travel back in time as merchants, artisans, musicians, samurai, daimyos, knights, and lords and ladies of the royal court.  All students come dressed in costume, carrying the banner of their realm and the trade goods they have created.  They participate in a feast which they and their families have prepared, act as entertainment, interview other cultures, and experience life as it was one thousand years ago in the bustling Eastern European capital of Constantinople.

Students year after year report back to the seventh grade teachers that this was one of their most memorable experiences in middle school.  “Not only is it a creative and research based learning experience,” says student teacher Kelly Starnes, “but it is also a fun and active way to connect standards based learning to real life experience.”