Santa Cruz City Schools applies “greenscaping” with goats

Goats graze above Santa Cruz High pool

It’s tough terrain for humans, but presents a banquet of delights for a herd of goats.  The steep hillsides that separate the upper from lower campus at Santa Cruz High School could easily become overgrown with head-high weeds.  But thanks to the green practices researched and encouraged by the school district’s Green Schools Committee, the problem is addressed annually by deploying a herd of hungry goats to the tough terrain. Cynthia Hawthorne, President of the Santa Cruz City Schools Board of Trustees, welcomes the goats. “The goats not only keep the campus looking beautiful, they also help to keep Santa Cruz High safe by clearing underbrush and restoring sight-lines. It’s a challenging place for our maintenance crews to work, but it’s no trouble at all for these goats,” Hawthorne commented.

For at least another year, these bovids will keep the weeds at ba-a-a-a-a-a-y.