The Santa Cruz Education Foundation is a proud supporter and partner with the Center for the Prevention of Violence Against Women.  In recognition of CPVAW’s 30th anniversary, the Foundation submitted the following statement of support for the City record:

In 2006, a series of alarming incidents left students in our schools frightened and feeling helpless. The fear was real and personal.  Their sisters, their mothers and their classmates were the targets of violence. Through a collaboration initiated by Santa Cruz Education Foundation President Cynthia Hawthorne, an innovative program was developed to teach our students physical safety skills, situational awareness and a posture of confidence.

This partnership continues today thanks to the CPVAW and Santa Cruz City Schools.  Trainers like Leonie Sherman and Daniel Stonebloom have reached thousands of students through safety training in school physical education classes. Taught in a frank and open manner, these trainers meet youth where they are in their lives. They begin with realistic scenarios to teach students to recognize what is a safe or unsafe situation and how to avoid and deflect conflict.

The Safety Training program is the epitome of effective collaboration between our city, our schools and our community groups.  Congratulations on 30 years of great work.