Twenty Four Students’ Works Selected for Public Art Show

 Mi Casa Es Tu Casa
October 27-December 18, 2011
Pajaro Valley Arts Council, 37  Sudden Street, Watsonville
Gallery Reception: Sunday, October 30, 2-4 p.m.

Ceramics students studied both Mexican Day of the Dead traditions and Budhist  home altars before beginning this project. Each student was tasked with making an alter to someone they loved, they needed to come up with their own box pattern and visual symbols to represent attributes of their loved one. Being 10-13 years old, many students did not have that much experience with death, and so pets and favorite authors (Jules Verne represented here) were acceptable subjects. The following 24 student’s works were selected for the Mi Casa Show.  80+ more altars will be on view in the halls of Mission Hill October 31st-December 16th.

Instructor: Kathleen Crocetti

Participating Student Artists:

  • Margaret Hedrick
  • Jeike Meijer
  • Grant Jackson
  • Kevis Marshall
  • Aedan Allen-Brower
  • Tenaya DeWitt
  • Rachel Anderson
  • Lilly Webber
  • Anna-Marie Scott
  • Maya Martinez
  • Jack Radovan
  • Darian Rafferty
  • John Ratliff
  • Luis Ruiz
  • Sage Moore
  • Andreas Nave
  • Mariana Guerrero
  • Anna Maldonado
  • Andreas Guerrrero
  • Amy Pollock
  • Rachel Drizin
  • Athena Greenleaf
  • Briana Ballard
  • Clara Critchfield