Using the new “We the People” petition platform on the White House website, school library supporters seek to send a message to Congress and President Obama. As strong supporters of school libraries and librarians, we urge you to sign and share the petition. From the petition:

Ensure all school libraries are properly staffed, open, and available for children every day.

Any school receiving Federal funds should be required to have a credentialed School Librarian on staff full time with a library that contains a minimum of 18 books per student. Failure to have a school library open to all students and/or failure to have a credentialed School Librarian to run that library should be punishable by a immediate withdrawal of all Federal monies.

Study after study has shown that well-stocked, well-funded, well-organized school libraries staffed by a “highly qualified” School Librarian, or other similarly qualified credentialed individual, improve student reading scores, test scores, and literacy rates. All children have the right to read and to have access to materials that will help them grow as learners and as people. No Library = No Freedom to Learn