Parenting in the Digital Age
February 16 , 7 pm to 8:30 at SCHS Auditorium

In February, the Teacher Librarians of Santa Cruz City Schools will host a Digital Citizenship informational evening for parents. In addition to being credentialed teachers our librarians are also technology and media experts. They provide an important resource for students, teachers and parents as we apply 21st century tools to learning in the classroom and beyond.

They will convene a panel of experts on digital citizenship, cyber-safety, social networking, anti-cyber-bullying, etc.
to respond to questions in front of an audience of parents wanting to be proactive in helping their children become good, safe, digital citizens.

The panel will be diverse, with professionals from counseling services, law enforcement, UCSC, the County Office of Education, and the Public Library.
A sampling of potential questions for the panel might include:

  • How do I talk to my child about online participation?
  • What are parental guidelines that you recommend?
  • What are the commonalities between the digital and real world: bullying, meeting strangers…?
  • Privacy: how much do I allow my child? What about parent responsibilities
  • What is digital citizenship?
  • How to control your digital footprint?
  • and more

Mark your calendars for this important upcoming event!