The social media universe has lit up since the recent announcement by the USDA that it would purchase 7 million pounds of what has come to be known as “pink slime” for the national school lunch program. Pink slime refers to beef trimmings and connective tissue treated with ammonia, to be used in products like ground beef patties for hamburgers. McDonald’s recently announced that it would no longer use the processed meat in its products.

Jamie Oliver with "pink slime" (

After a report by ABC news, parents and activists have launched a series of effective efforts to block or outright ban “pink slime” from school meals. The USDA announced today that it will offer schools the choice between lean beef patties made with the product or less lean bulk ground beef made without it.

Santa Cruz City Schools families will be happy to learn that none of our Surf City Cafe school meals include any USDA beef, and haven’t for over two years. Only  lean turkey, chicken and pork is used in our school meat entrees, such as nachos, tacos, burritos, rice bowls, deli meats, and sausages. Food Services manager Jamie Smith confirms that he does not buy beef hamburgers or hot dogs or other beef by-product meats at all, and never has.

Our menu and commitment to quality speak for themselves. W try to spend our food dollars on local fruits and vegetables, lean whole muscle meats, and whole grains and legumes, just as we have for over two years.
Surf City Cafe Chef Jamie Smith