In partnership with Goodwill Industries,  Mission Hill Middle School  presents the 3rd Annual “Project Runway for Teens: Santa Cruz Style”

Nicolette Kaempf

Tuesday April 10th 7 p.m.
Mission Hill Middle School Gym
425 King Street, Santa Cruz
$3 admission
Contact Kathleen Crocetti 429-3860 x 105 for more information

On a recent day, 110 students took a walking field trip to the Goodwill store where they were allowed to choose one item of clothing or an accessory for free. They took these items back to school and for three weeks deconstructed the items, learned how to sew and remade them into unique fashions.

The culmination of this collaborative adventure will be a live fashion show with professional hair and make-up services donated by Faces Salon.

Student-made jewelry will also be available for purchase; all proceeds go to “Action Santa Cruz” supporting the OJFA Orphanage in Haiti.


Marina Crawford

Roy Berardo