The Slow Coast Green Fondo is a fundraising ride partnering with the Tour of California– SC County Stage, as well as other local organizations and non-profits in the Santa Cruz Community including: Diabetic Youth Foundation, Food What?!, Save Our Shores, Ecology Action, & SCCCC.

The April 29th 56 mile ride will be a fully supported course through Santa Cruz County that will include an optional time trial up Bonny Doon Road. In addition to the ride, there is a Green Expo and Slow Food dinner with a wine tasting and auction. Learn more about the Fondo here.

Supporters can join the ride for $120 with a $500 commitment, or support Food What?! intern Jose Reynaudo as he rides the course. Jose is a Senior at Costonoa High School who learned about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and making active choices in his life through his empowering experience in the Food What?! program. You can learn more about Jose and support his ride on April 29th here.