Santa Cruz Education Foundation Supports Measures I & J

We urge you to vote YES on June 5, 2012 to support great neighborhood schools. Your YES vote on Measures I & J will renew Santa Cruz City Schools’ current parcel taxes. Your YES vote ensures that our outstanding programs continue to serve the children in our public schools. With ongoing budget cuts from the state, the stakes are high. These parcel taxes are vital to local schools, because they enable our schools to:

  • Retain high quality teachers
  • Preserve art and music programs
  • Provide academic counseling
  • Keep school libraries open with certified Librarians
  • Improve classroom academics for all students

Every penny from these parcel taxes will continue to be used to support students in the classroom and protect them from the worst of State budget cuts. Seniors will continue to be eligible for an exemption. And the independent, community member-led Parcel Tax Oversight Committee will continue to ensure funds are spent as intended by voters.

Strong schools create strong neighborhoods. You can help maintain high quality schools and programs in Santa Cruz by voting YES on Measures I & J on June 5, 2012.

Please join the Santa Cruz Education Foundation in supporting this effort by making a donation to and volunteering for the Yes on I and J campaign today. Donate here. Volunteer here. Follow the campaign on Facebook.