Children’s Room
Santa Cruz Public Library
Central Branch, Downtown

Fifty students from Weslake Elementary School currently have their artwork on display in the Children’s Room of the Central Branch Library in downtown Santa Cruz. Students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade study visual art with teachers Stephanie Young and Myra Eastman. The student artwork explores one and two-point linear perspective, includes lessons in value studies, shading, observational drawings, still life imagery, self-portraits, warm and cool colors and includes the study of traditional masters in the art world.

Westlake Elementary School students along with other elementary school students in Santa Cruz City Schools study visual art beginning in kindergarten. Their instruction is sequential and is supported by the California State Standards in the Visual and Performing Arts. The teachers work collaboratively to provide students with a strong foundation in the visual arts, which  supports them as they continue their studies at the middle and high school level.

The exhibit runs through Friday, May 18, 2012.