Staying up to date on bills related to public education in California

The California Legislature has a new website to learn more about and to track bills as they move through the Assembly and Senate. Of the many bills proceeding, a number have a potentially significant impact on our local public schools. Some bills to watch:

AB 1172 (Mendoza)
Adds a negative fiscal impact on the school district as reason that a school district may deny a charter school petition.
AB 1772 (Buchanan)
Compulsory kindergarten: requires completion of 1 year of kindergarten prior to first grade.
AB 2203 (V. Manuel Pérez)
Compulsory education: children 5 years of age (rather than existing law which is 6 years old).
AB 2537 (V. Manuel Pérez), AB 2242 (Dickinson), AB 2145 (Alejo), AB 2032 (Mendoza), AB 1909 (Ammiano), SB 1235 (Steinberg)
Pupil discipline: suspensions and expulsions.
SB 1088 (Price)
Prohibits schools from denying enrollment or readmission to a pupil solely on the basis that the pupil has had contact with the juvenile justice system by requiring that the student be reevaluated no later than the last day of the semester following the semester in which the readmission was denied.
SB 1109 (Padilla)
Pupils: English learners: master plan.
SB 1200 (Hancock)
Academic content standards: standards review commission.
SB 1292 (Liu)
School employees: principals: evaluation.
SB 1456 (Lowenthal)
Community colleges: Student Success Act of 2012.
SB 1458 (Steinberg)
School accountability: Academic Performance Index: graduation rates.
SB 1530 (Padilla)
Revises the teacher dismissal process for “serious or egregious misconduct” by (1) removing professional peers from the neutral panel that hears teacher dismissal cases; (2) changing the decision by the administrative law judge from “binding” to “advisory” on the school district; (3) permitting the process to occur over the summer; (4) allowing evidence that is more than four years old to be considered; and (5) eliminating the 45 day notice.
SCA 5 (Simitian), ACA 21 (Feuer)
55% vote for school district parcel taxes.