Please join the Santa Cruz County Office of Education in a special screening of the film, Bully on Saturday, May 12th at 1:00 p.m. at the Aptos Cinema.

This event is free. To reserve your seat(s) please use the following link to register:

Following the film, stay for a conversation with our panelists beginning at 2:40 p.m. to learn more about an impressive number and variety of solutions available in Santa Cruz.

Over 13 million American kids will be bullied this year in schools. Bullying has a profound impact on the bullied and the bullyers, and by extension our school communities. We are fortunate in Santa Cruz that our most of us working in and around our schools are proactive to create places where every student feels safe. But we can do more. We can always do more.

“Bully” reflects many of the challenges faced by all members of the school community, from bus drivers to teachers to administrators, when it comes to handling bullying. Many of us are still learning how to recognize and effectively respond to bullying in school, online and in our communities.

Many school faculty members may not be trained to recognize the range of bullying behaviors, others may not feel equipped to effectively intervene. Some may feel that even if they do intervene, they will not be supported by their administrators They may think their actions won’t make a difference, particularly in schools where bullying is pervasive or people attempt an attitude with the myth that “it’s just kids being kids.” By nature kids act the way most of us do most of the time. Like adults, they aare kind and come to school to learn. Feeling safe at school is a pre-requisite to learning.

The Q&A Panel will represent dozens of successful solutions and resources to creatively work on bullying incidents and trends.

There are dozens of people here in Santa Cruz who are ready to work with schools, families, and individuals who need and want a way to Empower Everyone Beyond Bullying.

Organization and programs included in the solution options are Positive Discipline, Challenge Day, The Safe Schools Project, NVC Santa Cruz, the Conflict Resolution Center, KidPower, the Common Language Program, First 5, and a myriad of coaches, counselors, mediators, and therapists. Plus fabulous articles and videos that can help in all the various ways that bullying is identified as an issue.