Santa Cruz Education Foundation recommends YES on 30 and YES on 38

There’s no exaggerating the consequences of November 6 for public schools in California. Proposition 30 will prevent devastating trigger cuts to K12 and higher education programs and will restore $2.9 billion for the next 7 years. Should Proposition 30 fail, Santa Cruz neighborhood schools will lose over $3 million this year. Students will lose one full week of instruction in February. Next year, our schools could slash three weeks from the school year and lose crucial programs that directly serve our students. As members of the district’s Budget Advisory Committee, we know first hand that every cut away from the classroom has already been made. Our kids will feel the impact of the trigger cuts; they will feel them this year and for many, many years to come.

The material impact statewide of losing billions from California’s already last-place-in-the-nation levels of funding are clear. We must also pay attention to the emotional impact on our children, our schools and our communities. The neighborhood public school is the cornerstone of our democracy, the children in those schools are our future and the communities they comprise are the very core of our towns. Our schools in Santa Cruz have weathered losses of millions of dollars annually for years. The toll is real. It needs to end now.

Please Vote Yes on Proposition 30!

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation also urges all voters to vote YES on Proposition 38. Why both? Organizations like ours support a Yes/Yes strategy for these key reasons:

  1. One of the school funding initiatives must pass. Splitting supporter votes risks that both will fail.
  2. Proposition 30 is tied to devastating and immediate trigger cuts; that’s why we recommend Yes on 30. But…
  3. Legislators have indicated a willingness to consider key elements of Proposition 38 (direct to school pipeline, community involvement, etc.) in future budgets and bills if the measure shows traction on November 6.

Yes and Yes also recommended by:

  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson
  • California Consortium of Education Foundations
  • California School Boards Association
  • Educate our State

Yes on 30 to prevent trigger cuts and stem the bleeding.

Yes on 38 to send a message to our legislators to restore K-12 funding and send it directly to our schools.


California Budget Project data: California per student spending lags the nation by the worst margin in 40 years


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