2013 Jon E. Nadherny/Calciano Youth Symposium to address substance abuse and youth

March 1, 2013 , 9:30 am to 4:30pm
Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
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The annual Calciano Youth Symposium was founded by the family of Jon E. Nadherny in 1995 as a way of dealing with the grief and impact resulting from his suicide.  Each year, the symposium brings together educators and therapists to listen to national experts and engage in conversation about the mental and behavioral issues that have great impact on the youth in our community. The Symposium is a collaboration between the Nadherny/Calciano family and the Dominican  Hospital Foundation.

The target audience for the symposium includes mental health professionals, youth service providers, law enforcement and engaged youth.

his year’s symposium will focus on “legal” substances that pose a significant health and safety threat to youth. Alcohol, marijuana, and prescription medications are increasingly being abused and the harm associated with this abuse is underappreciated. The variety of attitudes about these substances combined with the knowledge gap of current research based evidence complicates the picture.