Strong showing in both CCS Honor Band and CCS Honor Choir selections

Instrumentalists and vocalists from Santa Cruz City Schools continue their strong history of exemplary performance. Our music teachers’ commitment to the highest standard of performance and instruction is illustrated by the achievements of their outstanding students.

Recently, the Central Coast Sections of both honor band and choir groups performed in Salinas on successive weekends. We applaud our outstanding young performers!

CCS Honor Band

Santa Cruz High School

  • Emily Szasz, Flute
  • Sabrina Miller, Flute
  • Justin Szasz, Clarinet
  • Laurel Bard, Clarinet
  • Graham Swann, Clarinet
  • Victor Hiltner, Bass Clarinet
  • Jacob Ritz, Trumpet
  • Maya Norman, French Horn
  • Abrahan Beristain-Barajas, French Horn
  • Calum Johnson, Trombone
  • Eric Takahashi, Percussion
  • William Tierney, Percussion
Soquel High School
  • Amanda Favorite, Flute
  • Chelsea Smith, Flute
  • Jae Oh, Clarinet
  • Graham Denevan, Clarinet
  • Tori Roberts, Clarinet
  • Maya McCrea, Clarinet
  • Jonathan Scott, Alto Saxophone
  • Xavier Hilton, Alto Saxophone
  • Caleb Gotthardt, Tenor Saxophone
  • Cade Gotthardt, Trumpet
  • David Erickson, Trumpet
  • Beau Baiocci, Trumpet
  • Emily Freihofer, French Horn
  • Kerri Hughes, French Horn
  • David Puhl, Trombone
  • Rafa Barreto, Tuba
  • Kyle Pittman, Tuba
  • Grae Zimmerman, Percussion

CCS Honor Choir

Mission Hill Middle School 

  • Isobel Campbell
  • Blake Montgomery
  • Jake Hing

Soquel High School 

  • Carly Blum
  • Emily Churchfield
  • Elisa Paden
  • Joseph Lilly

Harbor High School

  • Annastasia Morairty
  • Hannah Brooks
  • Celine Miranda
  • Casey Monahan
  • Eli Walsh

Santa Cruz High School 

  • Alexis Williams
  • Enya Murray