Honoring the Class of 2013

mortarboard205Beginning tomorrow and for the next few weeks we will show our pride in the graduating class of 2013 by sharing their impressive college acceptances.

The results are in. And they are outstanding: Harvard. Stanford. Yale. And so many more.

Again, the most selective colleges and universities are actively seeking to admit the graduates of our comprehensive high schools, Harbor, Santa Cruz and Soquel, and from our alternative programs, Costanoa, Ark, AFE and Delta. Because our neighborhood schools welcome all students, every graduate is prepared for a wide range of post-secondary options. Personal attention and outstanding support for each student helps them find the path best suited for their plans and they are each prepared to be successful, whatever path they choose.

When asked, college admissions counselors tell us that Santa Cruz City Schools grads are known to be bright, independent, collaborative, creative and critical thinkers. Counselors place a high value on our grads because context matters: our students demonstrate motivation because they must choose to challenge themselves by opting into rigorous courses (as opposed to students from schools where college prep classes are required to earn a diploma). Colleges are not looking for just the best and brightest; they are composing a community. Beyond grades, essays and test scores, acceptances are offered to students who will contribute. Succeeding in a diverse neighborhood school is a strong indicator that a student is motivated, hard-working, aware of the surrounding world and will be a successful collaborator in an even more diverse college or university. Santa Cruz City Schools graduates? Check, check, check and check.

To every member of the Class of 2013: We are proud of you and all that you have accomplished!

We’d love to hear from you: Please email us news of college acceptances for inclusion in this series. Out of respect for students’ privacy, names will not be published.