Bay View teacher Beth Landry has created a wonderful resource for math teachers

Chanting Our Way Through the Multiplication Tables 

Written by  Beth Landry and illustrated  by SCHS graduate, Nina Lutz is on sale now at Bookshop Santa Cruz and Kaleidoscope.

In Beth Landry’s words:  One of the things that I loved most about teaching third grade was the multiplication tables.  We would play some games to illustrate that multiplication is just repeated addition, practice with flash cards in class and at home, do some tried and true worksheets, take timed tests, and voilà, the students were experts! Well, most of them. One year I had a student whose father asked me for extra help.  He and his son were practicing like crazy at home, but nothing was sticking.

It was then that these multiplication chants were born. They enable the  student a chance to access the times tables through singing and movement. One by one, week by week, my class learned the chants and joyfully practiced them throughout our day. Each new factor was a treat, a reason to celebrate. Every child loved them, but some children needed them desperately to help them bridge the gap between finger counting and internalization. Chanting the times tables is like singing the ABC song; the chants help us to remember what comes first and next, and next again, until the knowledge is cemented in our mind.

Enjoy these chants with your students or your child.  I hope they will help smooth and energize the way into the world of multiplication!

Beth Landry, Teacher