“Implementing the Common Core State Standards in California”

According to the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), California is likely to see a drop in test scores relative to earlier years as it implements Common Core standards in math and English. But the hope is that the new standards will lead to higher student achievement.  PPIC also conducted a survey that shows that hows that most residents support Common Core. Survey results also indicate that most are also concerned that teachers are unprepared to implement it.

Public support is solidly behind the significant changes that are being made to school funding and classroom curricula this year,” said PPIC’s president and CEO, Mark Baldassare. “However, many Californians have concerns about whether their local schools can effectively implement the new state policies associated with the Local Control Funding Formula and Common Core standards.

A majority of Californians (56%) say they have heard a lot (19%) or a little (37%) about Common Core, while 43 percent have heard nothing at all. A somewhat higher share of public school parents (65%) have heard at least a little about the new standards.

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