Three Class Series Parenting Classes:  July 12, July 26 & August 9

Cabrillo Extension & the Early Childhood Education Program are teaming up with Santa Cruz County College Commitment (S4C) and Positive Discipline Community Resources to provide specialized parenting classes geared towards building relationships that foster energetic and values-based approaches to helping our young teenagers pursue successful career paths. These classes offer parents the opportunity to learn about the child’s world so as to better understand thoughts, feelings and the decisions children make.

Focusing primarily on the age of middle school teens/pre-teens, these classes will teach parents about the changes that come with this new developmental stage. What’s more, parents will learn how to help their teens navigate the transition from middle school to high school in a way that actively helps prepare them for their futures. Come and gain new understanding of behaviors, discover insight about the physiological changes of the teenage brain, and learn how to foster a sense of capability in your child.

To see a flyer on the class, please follow this link.  To register for classes, please follow this link.