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Benefiting Santa Cruz City Schools Libraries

November 28, 2014 through December 31, 2014

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The Santa Cruz Education Foundation is delighted to partner again with Bookshop Santa Cruz for the 4th annual Holiday Book Drive benefiting our public school libraries and classrooms.

Donate your favorite books, buy gift cards that librarians and teachers can use to select books for their schools, or shop from the wish lists of the books in highest demand, carefully compiled by our school librarians. Wish list books will be on display at Bookshop, in list form at Bookshop’s information desk, and online.

All books purchased for the Holiday Book Drive will be offered at 20% off from November 28 through December 31st.

The Warrior Basketball Team as well as Good Times Santa Cruz Weekly will be joining Bookshop Santa Cruz to help promote the Holiday Book Drive. The week of December 8th any purchase made towards the Holiday Book Drive will be entered to win a prize package from the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Let out-of-town friends and family support your child’s school by buying wish list books online. You can donate to a particular school or to the entire program. If you wish to be recognized for your gift, be sure to request an acknowledgement form.

Please join us in our work to ensure that every public school child has access to books and reading.