Branciforte Middle School Principal Kristin Pfotenhauer shaved her tresses to help her school’s Associated Student Body organization raise money through the school’s annual Turkey Trot race.  The fundraiser has netted over $6,000 for the school.  Before and after photos follow.

b40 beforeB40Hair_Gone_120914 (1)

Other Branciforte staff also sacrificed their hair for the cause.  Assistant Principal David Salles shaved his head close when the contributions reached $5,000.  The shaving took place at the school, and was broadcast on the school’s closed circuit television station.  P.E. teacher Joe Hedgecock had the names of the four students who raised the most money shaved into his hair, a task that required him to seek out a specialized barber.

Two other staff have offered to lose their locks for the school if the community donates $10,000.  They aren’t expecting to have to make good on their offer at this time.

Funds raised through the Turkey Trot are used for student activities that otherwise would not be funded, and purchases for school equipment, such as iPads.  This is the third year that B40 has raised money through the Turkey Trot.  In 2014, the school raised $4,806.03, and, in 2013, it raised $3568.