Safety fencing now surrounds school

Santa Cruz High will soon have new security gates to secure the quad and upper campus from vandalism and trespassers. The Santa Cruz High Safety Task Force initiated the proposal for the security gates last year in response to complaints by staff and neighbors of increasing vandalism and vagrancy on the Santa Cruz High campus. The proposal was intended to provide improved security while also maintaining the iconic beauty of the campus. The plan called for five gates to be installed with architectural grade decorative iron fencing in the visible areas of campus and small link vinyl fencing in the rear and sides. The gates will be closed during evenings and weekends but remain open throughout the school day.


There is still a need to address security on the Laurel Street area of lower campus and the area near the Alumni building on Lincoln Street. Trevor Miller, Director of Facilities for Santa Cruz City Schools, assures parents that he and his staff are aware of these issues and the need to address the security of lower campus. Mr. Miller also hopes that other Santa Cruz City Schools campuses will embrace the community safety effort model started by Santa Cruz High.

Read more about the process to get the fencing and gates here.