$9,000+ Given to PTAs and Home & School Clubs

 To Support Outdoor Science School and Libraries

Board members from the Santa Cruz Education Foundation spent the month of April, 2015, visiting Santa Cruz City Schools Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and Home and School Club meetings.  The primary purpose of the visits was to briefly discuss the mission of the Santa Cruz Education Foundation:

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation works to ensure that every one of the 7,000 Santa Cruz City Schools students at our campuses, in kindergarten through high school, has an outstanding educational experience.  We believe that every child deserves an excellent neighborhood school.

In addition to explaining the Foundation’s mission, Foundation Board members also distributed checks to support student activities and school libraries as follows:

Outdoor Science School Support (to help pay for students’ tuition):

  • Bay View Elementary $1,000
  • DelaVeaga Elementary $1,000
  • Gault Elemantary $1,000
  • Westlake Elementary $1,000

General School Support:

  • Branciforte Middle School $1,000
  • Mission Hill Middle School $1,000

Library Enrichment:

  • Branciforte Small Schools $400
  • Harbor High School $1,000
  • Santa Cruz High School $1,000
  • Soquel High School $1,000

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation plans to provide Playworks training for the elementary schools and partner organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Cruz, in the fall.