District Requests Parent Input into Funding Priorities

Santa Cruz City Schools is asking parents of students in the district to take an online survey giving input into funding and programming priorities. The results will be shared with the School Board and Budget Committee.

Kris Munro, District Superintendent, writes:

“We are incredibly fortunate that our schools benefit from the generosity of our community. Parcel taxes currently ensure that our students are supported with small class sizes, arts and music programs, counselors, librarians, life lab programs and more. The state’s new funding formula has different impacts on different districts.  Santa Cruz City Schools is not a winner in the state’s new funding model.  It is the support of our local community that truly enriches our school programs.

“We do not anticipate significant new revenue from the state, but we value the input of our community and we want to hear from you about your priorities and needs. This allows us to plan and to seek out resources. Thank you in advance for taking the time to give us your feedback.”

Complete the survey using the link below: